The Most Interesting Ships in the World

The Most Interesting Ships in the World

Marine; It has played an important role in the transmission of cross-country trade, scientific research and cultural transmission among communities for centuries. Today we will be the guest of the most interesting ships in the world.


This ship, which is 148 meters long and 30 meters wide, is a nuclear ice breaking ship. Since 1986, when it was flooded, it continues its mission in the northern ice sea. This Russian-made vessel has a body thickness of 48 millimeters.


This ship doesn’t fit the ship definition you know well. It is an ocean research vessel developed and operated by the Marine Physical Laboratory of the Scripps Marine Science Institute in 1962. As we mentioned at the beginning, it is interesting to make this ship stand out and make the ship stand upright by immersing a part of it in ocean. Everything you can think of from the basins to the beds is two to each other and can be used in both cases.

FLO/FLO (float-on/float-off)

Ship-carrying ship! Yeah, you read it right. These types of ships are designed for the transportation of giant cargoes. They can easily carry loads such as ship keel, oil platform and submarines. In doing so, the ship is severely dipped and loaded onto the surface of the water after it has been loaded.


This 16-storey, 362-meter-long floating hotel is currently the world’s largest cruise ship. It offers accommodation for 6300 passengers and 2100 personnel. There are swimming pools, water slides, surf and wave simulators and theaters and movie theaters. Apart from these, there are also numerous areas where you can perform many activities and the largest (30 meters long) water skiing available on the seas.


This ship is the largest construction ship in the world. It is specially designed for the construction of oil platforms built and disassembled to the seas with the power to lift two and a half Eiffel Towers alone, in deep underwater pipeline projects, bridge construction and such difficult construction.

Concrete Ships

Don’t tell me whether it’s a concrete ship or not. These ships, whose technology lasted until the 1800s, gained a special importance, especially due to the iron and steel shortage experienced during the First and Second World War. The largest of these was an oil tanker that was 130 meters in 1919. However, they are very heavy compared to steel vessels, making them fuel monsters and increasing operating costs considerably. Today some of these ships are still present and exhibited as a museum.

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